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Visitors & Visiting Hours

Visitor Guidelines During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Visitor restrictions have changed as of the 22/4/22.


From the above date visiting hours will be between 11 am – 7pm.

Visitors will be determined by the patient and the family.

  1. Visitors no longer need to be 16 year or older.
  2. Any child above the age of 8 must wear a mask.
  3. If a visitor is permitted evidence of vaccination certificate will be required on entry.
  4. The visitor must have had two doses of the vaccine.
  5. A surgical mask or visitors own mask must be worn by visitors at ALL times. Please ensure that visitors adhere to this even when alone with patients in a room.
  6. Support visits are permitted in emergency departments, outpatient settings, wards and birthing suites.

One support person only in the Emergency Department.

If a visitor cannot provide evidence of 2 COVID -19 vaccinations:

  • They must wear an N95 mask and face shield for the duration of their visit.
  • If they do not consent to wearing this additional PPE they will not be permitted entry.
  • In some circumstances an exemption may be granted and is to be pre-arranged and approved with the Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery prior to the visitor attending SWH.

Visitors with COVID-19 symptoms or visitors who are a known primary close contact of a positive case will not be permitted to visit SWH.

Merindah Lodge

Merindah Lodge is now allowing five visitors per resident per day, provided that visitors book ahead. Visitors must undertake a RAT test before entering the building. Visitors must have proof of two doses of COVID-19 vaccination. A surgical mask must be worn at all times.

Please follow these steps below:

1. Call Merindah Lodge on 03 5593 7366 to book a time to visit.

2. Arrive at Merindah Lodge 15-20 minutes before your booking time to allow time to undertake a RAT test.

3. Staff will provide you with a RAT and will be available to help you if you need assistance.

5. If your result is negative you’re free to enter.​​​​​​​

Non-essential contractors are restricted from entry, ALL contractors require approval from the direct line manager of the department requiring contractor entry.

Page last updated: 29 April 2022

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