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Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information?

The Victorian Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1982, gives you the right, subject to specified exceptions, to access documents held by South West Healthcare. If you identify information that is incorrect, you have a right to request that it be amended.

  • What information is available?

    • Medical records – your own or of another person with consent
    • Documents regarding the activities and services of South West Healthcare
    • For further information please see the South West Healthcare Part II Statement.
  • What information is not available?

    The FOI Act allows for information to be exempted under certain circumstances. Each request is assessed in accordance with the Act.

  • How do I make an FOI application?

    • Applications must be in writing by completing the Application Form or writing a letter
    • You will be charged an application fee of $31.80 (non-refundable unless fee is waived)
    • Proof of identity must be provided – photo identification with signature eg drivers licence
    • If you are requesting access to documents containing information about another person, documented proof of your authority to have access to that information is required eg written consent of that person or their authority.
  • Costs?

    There are two cost associated with making a request; the application fee and access charges. These are set by government regulations under the FOI Act.
    Application Fee: $31.80 (non-refundable, unless the fee is waived)

    Access charges:

    Photocopying: 20 cents per page (A4 black & white)
    Search fee: $20.00 per hour or part thereof
    Note: Access charges will be invoiced after the application is processed

    Payment methods:

    • Cheque/money order payable to South West Healthcare
    • Credit card, present in person to Cashier Desk or phone FOI Officer on (03) 5563 1578
    • Cash, present in person to Cashier Desk
    • EFT, phone FOI Officer for details on (03) 5563 1578
  • When will my application be processed?

    • The FOI Officer will send a letter to you confirming receipt of your application, or requesting further information.
    • In accordance with the FOI Act, South West Healthcare has 30 days to respond to your application.
    • After access charges are paid, you will receive the documents you requested in part or in full with a letter explaining the outcome.
  • Not satisfied with the outcome of a FOI application?

    You may seek a review of the decision by the FOI Commissioner
    1300 006 842

    Freedom of Information Commissioner – Reviews
    Office of the Freedom of information Commissioner
    PO Box 24274
    Melbourne Victoria 3001

    South West Healthcare – Freedom of Information Officer Contact Details:
    (03) 5563 1578 (Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm)

Page last updated: 15 April 2024

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