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Thursday, 22 Dec 2022

There’s now just $22,700 between us and a new Nerve Integrity Monitor (NIM) for our Warrnambool operating theatres. If you’re looking for a LOCAL cause to support this festive season, could this be it?

We need to raise $69,000 to buy our highly skilled ENT surgeons (Dr Emily Young, pictured, is one of them) this piece of really sophisticated technology. During head and neck surgeries to remove tumours and growths, a NIM helps to track hard-to-locate nerves to further reduce the potential for nerve damage that can lead to facial palsy and voice loss.


  1. We’d love you to buy a $10 ticket in our Online Christmas Raffle. It’s a really easy process. Here’s the link:
  2. We’d love you and your friends/club/group/family/workplace to make a tax-deductible donation. It’s as simple as calling our Appeal Hotline on 5564 4100

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