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Two new doctors join our medical team

  • Warrnambool Base Hospital
Sunday, 22 Oct 2023

Today we’d like to welcome two new Doctors to our medical team here at SWH.

Dr Roshan Zeirideen Zaid (Right) and Dr. Amanda Nicoll (Left)

Meet Dr Roshan Zeirideen Zaid and Dr. Amanda Nicoll!

Dr Roshan Zeirideen Zaid (Right) and Dr. Amanda Nicoll (Left)

Dr Roshan has recently moved from the UK and settled locally with her family. She is a very committed Obstetrics and Gynecology professional with extensive experience in the field. In her own words: “I am passionate about empowering women to listen to their bodies, to understand what is available to them and to encourage women to talk openly about their bodies and the changes. The more we talk and voice out, the more we find solutions.”

“As much as I am passionate about birth I am also passionate about fertility and minimal access surgery in Gynaecology. As a clinician, I strive to view and care for my patients’ holistically. I look forward to being available to women locally to address any issues they have with fertility, birth, surgery or health education and help them find their answers.”

Dr Amanda Nicoll is traveling from Melbourne to join our service each week and is an experienced Gastroenterologist who will be working at SWH’s Specialist Outpatient Clinic and assisting us in setting up public outpatient clinics to assist people diagnose, treat and manage liver disease (free of charge).

“I am passionate about liver disease and about the management of liver disease. It’s often an area that people shy away from but I think the liver is often underrated in terms of how important it is.

“The epidemic we are seeing at the minute is obesity and fatty liver, which is almost as common for causing liver cancer as alcohol. It is important that we help people to exercise and eat sensibly, I am not one for strict diets, but understanding the impact of our diets on our health is important. Alcohol is fine in moderation and making sure we are testing and following up testing is really important for me.”

If you need to make an appointment with either Dr Zeirideen-Zaid or Dr Nicholls, please ask your GP for a referral to the South West Healthcare Specialist Outpatient Clinic, a public service with no out-of-pocket expenses. Dr Zeirideen Zaid will also be available to women who attend the public Women’s Health Clinic on level 4, at the Warrnambool Base Hospital.

Page last updated: 30 November 2023

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