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Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Executive Director of People and Culture, Sheron Cook journeyed to Manchester, England, last week to attend the Health Care Jobs Fair. She was joined by representatives from Northern Health, Eastern Health, Bairnsdale, Echuca and Western Health as guests of the Victorian Department of Health. 

Sheron Cook visits Health Care Jobs Fair

The Health Care Jobs Fair brought together medical, nursing, allied health and mental health professionals from across the UK who are seeking new job opportunities abroad. The UK remains the most common country of origin for international recruits in Australia due to available visas, with many others also hailing from Sri Lanka, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

The fair included an exhibition booth where Sheron met with prospective employees face-to-face, and provided a presentation about our service and our region to a full house.

Sheron’s trip to Manchester pitched South West Healthcare as a great place to work, live and play. The Health Care Job Fair was a great way to network with other healthcare services, better understand the level of personal interest from international recruits and put our healthcare service on the map. We hope by attending this jobs fair we are able to fill our existing gaps with qualified healthcare professionals that complement existing staff.

The event (which follows a fair in Melbourne earlier in the year) saw more than 500 prospective employees scan a QR code to capture their details for further promotion, and link them into the Victorian Health Department’s job alerts and vacancy information, which will include alerts at SWH. Prospective employees are also able to fill in a EOI form which can be shared with health services, if they have skills they wish to share or a job they wish to pursue, and can not see an advertised role that fits.

With our health service growing we know staffing is an issue for all departments. By attending this job fair SWH has been able to promote the region to healthcare professionals, and broaden the pool of applicants, and we will be joining the next Fair in Birmingham, England in November.

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