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Fighting COVID

Thursday, 25 Jun 2020

We told you yesterday about how proud we are of our workforce offering to do shifts on the visitor screening desks at the entrances to our hospitals, aged care facility, acute mental health unit and community health centres.

You never quite know who you’ll see there, working on the frontline to help keep our patients, clients, consumers, residents and staff as protected as possible from Coronavirus.¬†On her way to visit husband Bruce in our Warrnambool rehab unit this afternoon, Bev McLaren got to meet our people and culture executive director Leani Viljoen.

Around 450 visitors are being screened at our Warrnambool Base Hospital, alone, every day. This screening includes data gathering (to be able to track anyone should we need to) and temperature checking, as Leani’s doing here in this pic.

Less information’s required from people wanting to enter our Warrnambool, Camperdown, Lismore and Macarthur community health facilities because, by virtue of the fact they’re wanting to come onsite for a medical appointment, we already have some of their contact details on record – unlike visitors to our hospitals, aged care facility and acute mental health unit who we have no records for.

(Speaking of attending for a medical appointment, make sure you allow a little time to queue but don’t arrive too early because space, and seating, in our waiting rooms is very limited because of physical distancing requirements.)

Page last updated: 15 December 2020

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