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Care after birth

Congratulations! Now that your baby has arrived you have begun on one of life’s greatest journeys—the journey of parenthood, with all its joy and wonder.

Your body will undergo many changes both physically and emotionally. Many of these changes happen in the first 6 weeks, called postpartum. Postpartum is a time of healthy change. The changes are to help you restore your body to its non-pregnant state and to enable you to feed your baby.

During your stay, midwives and nurses will provide education and information to enable you to confidently care for yourself and your baby in preparation for going home.

Maternity at home

Midwives will continue to support you when you go home from hospital. A midwife from the Domicillary team (DOM) will visit you in your home and assist you with feeding and discuss any concerns you may have with your postnatal health and that of your baby.

During the postnatal visits your midwife will complete the following check ups and discuss the following topics:

  • Baby will be weighed
  • Newborn screen test will be attended if not done during hospital stay
  • Breastfeeding/formula feeding support will be given
  • Normal newborn behaviour and baby care education
  • Safe sleeping advice (SIDS recommendations reinforced)
  • Emotional support and psychological wellbeing care
  • Hygiene and perineal care
  • Breast health of the lactating woman
  • Contraception information
  • Identification of relevant community support services

Who we care for

We provide visits to women who birth at SWH and live within a 50km radius from the hospital.

Women who live in more rural areas or women who birth with us from other major towns will be referred back to the midwifery service closest to them for ongoing postnatal care at home.

We will provide home visits to women returning from Tertiary Hospitals in Melbourne/ Geelong or elsewhere to assist in your transition to home life as a family.

Maternal and Child Health Service

Further support is available from your local Maternal and Child Health Service when the Maternity at home midwife has finished visiting.

The Maternal and Child Health Service is a free service that is provided for children from birth to school age by local government.

The Maternal and Child Health Service are notified by the hospital of your baby’s birth. The Maternal and Child Health Nurse will contact you within two weeks of your baby’s birth and arrange a time for her to visit you in your home. The Maternal and Child Health Nurse will monitor your baby’s growth and development and provide you with advice regarding feeding, parenting, and immunisation as well as offer you advice with your own health and well-being.

The Maternal and Child Health Service has a helpline for assisting you outside of business hours. The number of the service is 13 22 29. For more information see,
Maternal and Child Health | Warrnambool City Council

General Practitioner (GP) 6 week visit

Please make an appointment for you and your baby with you GP at 6 weeks.

Page last updated: 1 August 2022

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