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Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

Aila (left) is the daughter of Satoko and Aneill Kamath. Her best friend Violet is the daughter of one of our midwives/associate nurse unit managers Natalie McKinley and husband Robert.

In the name of charity, on Wednesday these gorgeous nine-year-olds baked muffins, put a post on Facebook, set up a stall in the Kamaths’ driveway and sold the lot in less than 90 minutes. (Natalie even missed out on buying one.)

Aila’s grandparents in NSW were so impressed that they added $100 to the girls’ takings, bringing it to $162.

Their mums brought them up to our Warrnambool Base Hospital on Friday to donate their money to our paediatric unit for our Delta Therapy dogs to pay weekly visits to sick children as soon as COVID restrictions allow this activity to recommence.

The grade 4 St Joseph Primary School students are very proud of themselves. And so they should be. Aila says she chose us as the charity to donate to because last October we cared for her when her ‘appendix popped’. Violet says she chose us because she wanted to thank all the staff for how hard we’ve worked during the pandemic.

Violet and Aila would like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought muffins. Satoko says they were overwhelmed by the community’s support and generosity.

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