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The most wonderful way to start 2021

  • Babies
Thursday, 14 Jan 2021

New mum Ebony Primmer (left) is the first of our patients to receive a SWH birthing stick.

‘We want to welcome these babies to the world and acknowledge the country they have been born on,’ our Aboriginal health promotion officer Emily Falla (right) explains.

‘We also want to give babies and families a keepsake so they can always remember their journey has started here on Peek Whurrong country, on the land of the Gunditjmara people. Having the birthing stick is something they can carry with them throughout their life and know that there is always a connection to culture surrounding them.’

Emily says Ebony was proud and thankful to receive this meaningful gift that her (as yet to be named) adorable daughter will be able to have as a keepsake and reminder of her connection to her country. She is our first Indigenous baby to be born on Peek Whurrong country this year.

Page last updated: 18 January 2021

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