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SWH Coronavirus Update

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Monday, 16 Mar 2020

This afternoon we’ve put new precautions in place to further protect our patients, aged care residents and staff. Our priority (as always) is to ensure we keep our consumers, patients, employees and registered volunteers safe.

We’re now asking anyone planning to visit the Warrnambool Base Hospital, Camperdown Hospital, Merindah Lodge and the South West Regional Cancer Centre ONLY to do so if the visit is ESSENTIAL. We are also limiting these essential visits to a maximum two people/visit.

We’re encouraging, instead, people to use other means of checking in with their loved ones.

Guided by the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health, and the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services, we’re continuing to monitor the situation closely and regularly. We assure you we’re fully equipped and well prepared to respond to the medical needs of any person who may have, or be suspected of having, coronavirus.


* Not visit hospital patients and aged care residents if you are sick or unwell.

* Call ahead to discuss your recent overseas travel before attending an emergency department or your GP clinic.

* Not visit any of our SWH campuses if you have travelled outside Australia in the last 14 days, or had close contact with someone who has a fever.

* Cancel SWH appointments, at any of our campuses, if you are feeling unwell.

* Use the hand gel provided at the entry of all of our SWH facilities.

* Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, cough and sneeze into your bent elbow or into a tissue you then properly and immediately dispose of in a lidded bin.

* Start to limit your interaction with larger groups of people.

* Be mindful of social distancing recommendations when attending essential sporting, cultural, community and workplace gatherings and meetings.

* Go to for COVID updates. We cannot promote enough how terrific this website is for latest news and recommendations. Getting info here will be quicker than waiting your turn to have your call answered on the hugely in demand Department of Health & Human Services COVID-19 hotline number: 1800 675 398

Page last updated: 15 December 2020

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.