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2023 Donations

We are beyond grateful to every donor who helps us buy medical equipment for the benefit of our patients, consumers, clients, residents and communities. Here’s what their generous gifts have helped us to purchase (so far) this year:


Whilst we continue to fundraise for the equipping/furnishing component of this Warrnambool Base Hospital initiative, the $74,637 we’ve been gifted to date allows us to carry out the essential redevelopment component (joinery, plumbing, electricals, flooring and painting).

This project will be completed during 2023-24.

We thank the following donors for their generous gifts: L & G Darcy ($100), B & D Pemberton ($3,250), B Sharkey & P Rogerson ($200), C Simpson ($50), We’ve Got You Inc (71,037).


Coordinator Julie Evans and her wonderful volunteer team have just moved premises. For their training purposes, a really large TV and antenna were identified as a fundraising priority and one of our very supportive regular donors was only too happy to help.

We thank the Warrnambool & District Ostomy Association for this generous gift.


This exciting piece of medical equipment, as a rule, halves the recovery time of children having their tonsils out. It will be used by our ENT surgeon in the theatres of both our Camperdown Hospital and Warrnambool Base Hospital.

We thank the following donors for this generous gift: FINDEX Camperdown/Colac ($2,000), Joyce Jeans ($1,000), SWH Warrnambool Auxiliary ($999), Warrnambool College 2023 Murray2Moyne Cycle Relay Team ($2,050), Warrnambool College 2022 Murray2Moyne Cycle Relay Team ($1,840), and Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Bowls Club ($111).


A foetal monitor (also known as a cardiotocograph/CTG monitor) continuously records a baby’s heart rate during labour to help detect any potential complications.

This non-invasive procedure sees sensors resting on the mum’s stomach providing her doctor and midwives with a continuous recording of her baby’s heartbeat and her contractions.

We thank the following donors for this generous gift: Camperdown & District Hospital Auxiliary ($43,861), Corangamite Arts Inc ($491), and Mercy Regional College $100).


Used to transport critically ill patients between our emergency department, MRI suite, operating theatres and intensive care unit, this life-sustaining mobile ventilator’s advanced features care for even the most complex patients, from neonates to adults. Approved for transportation inside and outside of hospitals (including on the ground, in the air, and on water), this ventilator’s sophisticated technology and advanced monitoring provides non-invasive ventilation via high-flow nasal cannula therapy.

We thank the Peter’s Project Foundation for this generous gift.


An otoscope shines a beam of light to help visualise and examine the condition of the ear canal and eardrum to check for problems such as infection, excess ear wax, and objects young children occasionally pop in. An ophthalmoscope allows us to see into the back of an eye (at about 15 times magnification) to look at the health of the retina, optic nerve, vasculature and vitreous humor. Ophthalmoscopy is always part of a complete eye examination to detect and evaluate symptoms of retinal detachment or eye diseases such as glaucoma. Two of these sets will be wall-fixed each end of our Warrnambool emergency department resuscitation room and the third will be on a portable stand for use throughout the rest of the emergency department.

We thank our SWH Woolsthorpe Auxiliary for this generous gift.


This is our Warrnambool theatres’ first paediatric-specific ‘crash’ cart.

During a cardiac or respiratory emergency every second counts. Having the necessary medical equipment and supplies contained solely in/on the one trolley allows our theatre teams to quickly respond to situations involving cardiopulmonary resuscitation in paediatric and neonatal emergencies.

We thank our 2023 Warrnambool College Murray2Moyne Cycle Relay Team for this generous gift.


Incorporating an integrated camera and display monitor, a laryngoscope provides indirect visualisation of the upper airway to help with placement of a breathing tube between the vocal cords and into the trachea, to maintain the airway in an emergency. This enables controlled/prolonged examination.

This pair of paediatric-specific laryngoscopes form part of our donor-funded paediatric resuscitation cart mentioned above.

We thank our 2023 Scrubbers & The Gasman Murray2Moyne Cycle Relay Team for this generous gift.

Page last updated: 15 September 2023

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