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Donations & Fundraising

Our successful Christmas Appeal

Thank you to everyone who donated to our 2020 Christmas Appeal. As a result, the $6,000 tonometer we need for our Warrnambool emergency department is about to be ordered. This will spare lots of local people having to be urgently transferred to Geelong or Melbourne. A tonometer measures the pressure inside a patient’s eye to screen for glaucoma that’s capable of stripping eyesight within a matter of hours. People of all ages can experience this type of eye trauma.

We now turn our fundraising attention to the upcoming 2021 Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay. Three wonderful teams of cyclists and their equally wonderful support crews complete this relay for us each and every year. The Scrubbers & The Gasman rides for our Warrnambool operating theatres’ medical equipment needs, Warrnambool College rides for our paediatric-specific medical equipment needs and Grasmere Primary School rides for our palliative care-specific medical equipment needs.

Should you wish to support any of these teams in their fundraising endeavours leading up to this March 27/28 event please contact our community partnerships manager Suzan Morey at or on (03) 5564 4100.

Our 2019-20 fundraising year

During 2019-20 we received $828,000 in donations and gifts. This was an impressive outcome given our donors would also have generously supported Victorian bushfire appeals throughout summer and have had their giving-ability impacted by COVID-19 from March onwards.

Of all the unaffordable medical equipment and initiatives our donors allowed us to finance, the purchasing of $261,000 of paediatric-specific MRI equipment was our proudest moment. No longer will sick children have to travel hundreds of kilometres away to have their MRI scans under conscious sedation. We will have all the equipment needed, right here at home.

Other medical equipment and initiatives financed by donors and fundraising in 2019-20 included:

Intensive Care Unit TEG haemostasis analyzer $30,000
Oncology Unit infusion pumps fleet $44,000
SW CASA waiting room refurbishment $5,000
Cancer Services therapy suite/office rental $12,340
Community Palliative Care care alerts x 10 $3,591
Special Care Nursery neonatal ventilator $45,000
Warrnambool Base Hospital volunteers trolley $1,477
Camperdown Hospital bilirubin $3,599
Merindah Lodge lounge room refurbishment $5,000
Oncology Unit SOZO machine & software licensing fee $17,285
Community Palliative Care portable oxygen units x 2 $8,500
Home Dialysis Training Centre treatment chair $8,000
Camperdown Hospital Theatre linear transducer $8,500
Acute Unit vital signs monitor $5,500
Rehabilitation Unit patient lifter $5,320
Midwifery Unit armchairs x 20 $25,000
Emergency Department storage trolley $1,960
Short Stay Unit height-adjustable chairs x 6 $1,260
Warrnambool Base Hospital Delta Therapy Dogs program $3,000
Community Palliative Care heel wedges x 10 $1,750

As always, our auxiliaries, Murray2Moyne Relay Cycle Teams and staff generously donated their time, expertise and energy in 2019-20 to raise $35,260, $5,270 and $5,883 respectively while $468,204 was received in bequests and memorial gifts.

SWH Auxiliaries

Camperdown & District Auxiliary 5,000
Camperdown Hospital Trolley Auxiliary 300
Warrnambool Auxiliary 10,000
Woolsthorpe Auxiliary 19,960

SWH Murray2Moyne Teams

Scrubbers & The Gasman 3,131
Warrnambool College 2,139

SWH Staff

Rehabilitation Unit/GEM Therapeutic Garden Committee 2,365
Workplace Giving Program 3,518

Page last updated: 13 January 2021

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