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Consumer and Community Advisory Committee

What is the Consumer and Community Advisory Committee?

The Consumer and Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) comprises of individual community members who advise the Board of Directors, from a consumer and community perspective.

Members advocate for the best interests of patients, consumers and their families and provide advice and guidance to South West Healthcare in carrying out its community engagement responsibilities. They are a strong voice for promoting partnership with the community we serve.

Members share information, contribute and provide a consumer perspective in service design, key South West Healthcare documents, oversee the development of key strategies and initiatives and quality and safety improvement activities at South West Healthcare.

The Committee is chaired by a member of the South West Healthcare Board of Directors and has 12 positions for community members. Members are usually patients, consumers, carers and community representatives who are current or future users of the health service.


The Consumer and Community Advisory Committee meet quarterly for 1.5 hours starting in February each year.

All appointments are for up to three years and members can elect to reapply for a second term of three years. Terms of appointment may vary to ensure continuity, however members are required to have at least one year break after serving two consecutive terms of appointment.

All applications to the CCAC occur when vacancies exist through a formal interview process. Existing South West Healthcare consumer representatives are welcome to apply.

Now recruiting

Applications are now open for the South West Healthcare Consumer and Community Advisory Committee.  If you are interested in becoming a consumer member, please read the CCAC Fact Sheet and complete the Application form.  Applications can be emailed to

Page last updated: 25 February 2022

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.