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Health Promotion

The South West Healthcare Health Promotion team works in partnership with our communities to create healthy environments where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

2021-2025 Priority Area

The South West Healthcare Health Promotion team is currently focusing on promoting healthy eating across South West Victoria.

Eating a wide variety of healthy food is foundational for good health. Healthy food nourishes our bodies, improves our mood, connects us to others and gives us the energy to do the things we love.

SWH Health Promotion is funded by the Victorian Department of Health, and directed to address public health issues that will have the greatest impact on preventing chronic disease in our communities, including healthy eating.

Our Vision

All people in South West Victoria have access to nutritious food every day.

Our Purpose

We work in partnership with South West communities to ensure all people are able to access food that meets their needs.

How do we approach this work?

  • Whole of population approach that aims to improve the health of an entire population.
  • Supporting the community to make everyday settings where people live, learn, play and work healthier.
  • Engage with the community to understand the local needs and create solutions together.
  • Use systems thinking to help find solutions to complex problems.

What guides our work?

  • We work from the Social Model of Health
  • Our work prioritises those at greatest risk of poor health and food insecurity
  • Equity to achieve equality
  • Partnerships and collaboration are central to the way we work
  • Our work is evidence informed and is based upon the Ottawa Charter

Page last updated: 10 February 2023

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.