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Diabetes Clinic

The aim of this clinic is to assist General Practitioners in caring for patients with Diabetes Mellitus. This condition, as well as its complications, are diagnosed, assessed, investigated, and managed at the clinic.

Specialist Physicians Clinics are public outpatient services with no out of pocket cost for consultations.

Patient Information

  • Who do these clinics care for?

    Adult patients, over 18 years old, with Diabetes Mellitus whose General Practitioner requires specialised medical support with their care.

  • How do I access this service?

    Urgent care is available after an evaluation in the Emergency Department.

    For all other care must be arranged by your regular GP, who will provide referral to Specialist Physicians Clinic.

  • What do I bring to an appointment?

    You should bring a signed Consent and Registration Form. This will be sent to you by SWH after your appointment has been booked.

    You may bring a family member/support person, if this is helpful.

    Two days before your appointment:

    • upload an devices that you use to help you look after your diabetes (e.g. insulin pump, sensors)
    • If you cannot do this, please ask your usual Diabetes Educator to help you with this before your clinic appointment. Bring the information to your appointment.

    On the day of your appointment:

    • Bring your completed glucose level logbook/diary from the last two weeks.
    • Bring all medications that you have been prescribed to the clinic.
    • Write down any questions/issues/problems that you would like to discuss with the staff at your appointment.

Health Professionals

  • Who do these clinics care for?

    Suitable referrals would include patients:

    1. with recent admission to hospital with diabetes-associated complications
    2. requiring pre-pregnancy counselling (this may need to include patients who are pregnant)
    3. requiring medical opinion on intensifying diabetes management

    A referral to certify fitness for maintaining licensing requirements alone would not constitute an appropriate referral.

    All patients will be discharged back to the General Practitioner (GP) and community care team after six months.

    The patient can always be re-referred if their condition changes or specialist input is required again in the future.

  • How do I prepare my patient for an appointment?

    Please let your patients know that, once received, their referral will be triaged, and they will be contacted by Southwest Healthcare to book an appointment.

    The physician will write a letter to the referring practitioner after the appointment to update them on what occurred at the appointment.

    Please give your patient an up-to-date list of their medications
    For those referrals with diabetes for consultation, please include details of any existing health care plans. (i.e. allied health engagement).

    Current pathology including (at a minimum) HbA1c and lipid levels should be performed and available. If further testing is needed prior to the clinic attendance, this will be notified to the referring practitioner after triage.

Page last updated: 26 April 2022

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