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Continuity Midwife Program

Continuity Midwife Program (CMP) is available for low and high risk pregnancies.

This service is to provide women with access to a known midwife during their pregnancy, birth and after baby care. CMP is run by a small team of highly experienced midwives and offers women the benefit of receiving a large proportion of their pregnancy care. The CMP midwives aim to be present for your labour and birth, and will provide postnatal care at home. If you are wishing to join CMP please phone (03) 5564 4154 when you are 12 weeks pregnant to enquire about being part of the program. CMP has limited numbers and it is assessed based on the woman’s needs. Self-referral is required for this service.

Patient information

  • Who does this clinic care for?

    Pregnant women wishing to have continuity of care from a midwife throughout their pregnancy.

  • How do I access this service?

    You can self-referral by phone when you are 12 weeks gestation. CMP will then contact you to tell you whether the program can accept you or not. There are limited numbers each month.

  • What do I bring to an appointment?

    All Information your GP has given you in regards to this appointment.
    Medicare card, a list of all medications that you are currently taking, plus any relevant cards (example Health Care Card).

Health professional information

  • Who does this clinic care for?

    Any pregnant women wanting to have continuity care with a midwife throughout their pregnancy.

  • How do I prepare my patient for an appointment?

    When making Antenatal referral with women mention the CMP program and how to self-refer.

Page last updated: 21 February 2022

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