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Thursday, 17 Sep 2020

It’s Nursing in the Community Week and we want to acknowledge the remarkable and wide-ranging work a wonderful team of our nurses provide to people of all ages in their homes.

In all, we’ve got 49 nurses and one nurse practitioner caring for at-home patients throughout the region:

  • 2 nurses work from Macarthur Community Health (District Nursing Service/DNS and Hospital In The Home/HITH)
  • 27 nurses & 1 nurse practitioner work from Warrnambool Community Health in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Complex Care Coordination, Continence, Diabetes, DNS, HITH, RACE, Respiratory, Transition Care Program, Stomal Therapy, and Wound Clinic
  • 4 nurses work from Camperdown Community Health (DNS, HITH)
  • 6 nurses work from Lismore Community Health (Community Health, DNS, Intake & Access)
  • 10 nurses work from South West Based Community Palliative Care.

These nurses work closely with local doctors, pharmacists and allied health professionals.

Snapped in Camperdown this morning was Lauren Hart (from left), Carolyn Hotker and Tanya Robbins. Passionate about caring for their patients, here’s what they have to say about being a community nurse:

Carolyn Hotker:  It’s a privilege to provide care in patients’ homes. District nursing is a different type of nursing, mainly because you look after the same patient for years. These patients so appreciate the care we provide because it allows them to stay at home. Allowing some to die at home is my biggest joy, even though it can be hard and sad at the same time. Our care is varied and complex, including Hospital in The Home (HITH), disconnecting chemotherapy so patients can have treatments at home, complex wounds (lots of wounds), catheter care, medications, and the list goes on…’

Lauren Hart: ‘Another thing I enjoy about district nursing is getting to know the patient’s home life and family. We make a real difference in their lives, even by doing the smallest things’. Recently Lauren took a photo of a patient’s garden in flower and SMSed it to the daughter who’d created it, seeing as COVID restrictions had stopped her from seeing its growth, firsthand. ‘Both the patient and her daughter were so thrilled with me doing this for them. I think we have also been imperative during COVID providing our oldies with company when they have been so isolated.’

Tanya Robbins: ‘Carolyn and Lauren have covered it all. What more can I say? Apart from the fact we service a wide area and people are surprised at how far we travel to save unwell and/or elderly clients the stress of travelling for things like regular wound care.’

We thank every one of our 50 community nurses for their dedication, professionalism, compassion and sense of community spirit.

Page last updated: 15 December 2020

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