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Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020

Some put on bike helmets. Some laced up walking shoes. And some saddled horses. Our 4th annual RIDE2WORK DAY is up and running.

(Above) Health promotion team leader Alexandra Bell and Bella (left), mental health services executive assistant Brenda Hetherington and Buttons and bike riders Warrnambool community health manager David Keilar and environmental sustainability officer Elvira Hewson.

We loved having Bella and Buttons join us for this year’s event, a SWH Staff Wellness Program initiative that encourages staff to ride, or walk, to work. Not only is this great for physical health and the environment, it’s also terrific for mental health and wellbeing.

These pics are of our Warrnambool RIDE2WORK. Pics from other campuses are on their way. Camperdown community health staff got their walking shoes on this morning, our community health team at Macarthur is holding a lunchtime walk, and our Lismore community health crew has a walk planned for tomorrow.

(Above) Primary mental health team registered nurse Catriona Campbell (left) and environmental sustainability officer Elvia Hewson.

(Above) Warrnambool community health manager David Keilar and surgical liaison nurse Loretta Wilson.

(Above) Eat your greens, Buttons! Gardener Bonnie (Melinda) Grant is on hand with healthy horse treats.

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