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Paying it forward

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Thursday, 02 Apr 2020

This is how an act of kindness lead to a chain event at our Warrnambool Base Hospital this morning...

A lady bought herself a takeaway coffee from our Café Nosh girls, and then paid for another 10 coffees, for them to give as gifts to the next 10 people who queued up. When the next Café Nosh customer came to buy a coffee, she was told she could put her wallet away because someone had already paid for hers. She was so touched by this that, instead, she DID open her wallet – and paid for another 10 coffees for another 10 people. The third person to be given a free coffee then did the same. 30 coffees later, this pay-it-forward kindness had Nicole Ballis (pictured) and everyone else in our Cafe Nosh team feeling very warm and fuzzy.

Really, why would you live in any other community than ours?

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