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Medicare Ineligible Patients

Patient Fees at South West Healthcare from July 1 2021

As a Medicare ineligible patient it is your responsibility to ensure that you have health insurance cover or adequate money to cover the cost of your health care.  You will be required to pay for all the cost of your medical care at South West Healthcare.

A Medicare ineligible person is any visitor to Australia who does not hold a valid Medicare card, or does not fall under one of the classifications below:

  • Reciprocal Rights: The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Malta and Italy. Visitors from Malta and Italy are covered for Medicare for a period of six months from date of arrival in Australia.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Asylum Seekers and Refugees are provided with free medical care (including diagnostic services) in Victorian hospitals.
Please note Asylum Seekers/Refugees will need to produce appropriate documents confirming their status from the Department of Immigration and
Citizenship or a recognised asylum support agency, such as Red Cross. If the document is not produced you will be expected to pay for all associated medical costs; however the fee will be waived once the documents are presented.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Your passport & Visa
  • Contact information during your stay in Australia
  • Overseas residential contact details
  • Details of your relevant health insurance policy must be provided so we can obtain a guarantee of payment If you do not pay, or have not agreed to a suitable payment arrangement with South West Healthcare, your account will be forwarded to a debt collection agency.

Emergency, Outpatient and Inpatient Fees

Emergency, outpatient and standard ward rates including rehabilitation, intensive care, maternity, paediatrics and psychiatric):

Emergency attendance $600 per visit
Day rate (bed rate) $1,900 per day
Overnight (bed rate) $1,900 per night
Outpatient (medical fee) $350
Hospital in the home $600 per day
Interpreter $270
Maternity (normal delivery) $1,100 (does not include overnight bed rate)
Maternity (complex delivery including caesarean) $1,877 (does not include overnight bed rate)
Antenatal visits (insured) $350
Post natal home visits $350
Baby with mum $400 per day
Baby in special care nursery $2,600 per day
Uninsured maternity care & birthing $15,000 (10% discount $13,500 if paid before 1st appointment or 3 equal instalments of $5,000 each, 1st instalment to be paid at 1st appointment)
Insured maternity care & birthing Costs vary depending on your health fund/policy and coverage
Theatre/Prosthesis fees if applicable
Intensive care admission overnight (bed rate) $6,000 per night

Ambulance transfer/s costs will be passed onto patient if transferred to another facility.

Will I have to pay for diagnostic charges?

Diagnostic and radiology charges are required to be paid to the healthcare imaging department directly as this is an external service provider.

Pathology costs will be charged separately and are payable to the external pathology service provider.

Pharmacy costs are payable directly at the time of being dispensed.
Note: Doctors’ and anaesthetists’ fees will also be payable directly to each provider.

Page last updated: 14 September 2021

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