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It’s a virtual forest

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Tuesday, 03 Mar 2020

Already sick of Autumn? With the clap of her hands, Val Teal can switch the season. She can even change the flight path of a butterfly.

These new-found Super Powers are the result of Virtual Forest technology we’ve brought to Merindah Lodge courtesy of a $5,600 Department of Health & Human Services grant for residential aged care lifestyle and amenity equipment.

The Virtual Forest uses a motion sensor that allows users to provide input with nothing more than a wave of their hands to┬ácontrol interactive elements in the forest. It’s calming, fun and truly immersive.

It can be a very personal experience, or a shared one (as seen in this pic, with enrolled nurse Linda Gaut and volunteer Jenny Alexander in the top corner of the TV screen).

As Merindah Lodge aged care services manager Leanne Lucas says, meaningful engaging experiences are important for everyone.

Page last updated: 15 December 2020

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