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About This Service

These instructions are for clinicians who are not employed by one of the following Health Care Services:

  • South West Healthcare
  • Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre
  • Barwon Health
  • Barwon South West Regional Integrated Cancer Service
  • Casterton Memorial Hospital
  • Colac Area Health
  • Dartmoor Bush Nursing Centre
  • Hesse Rural Health Service
  • Heywood Rural Health
  • Lorne Community Hospital
  • Moyne Health Services
  • Otway Health & Community Services
  • Portland District Health
  • South West Healthcare
  • Terang & Mortlake Health Service
  • Timboon Healthcare
  • Western District Health Service

If you are an employee of South West Healthcare, you may utilise these instructions, however you can only join a ‘multi-conference video call’ using a number starting with 17926. You cannot access a Polycom Meeting Room Unit directly using an 8625xxxx number. To do this, you must use the Telehealth instructions located on the SWH Staff Intranet.

If you are an employee of one of the other health care services listed above, you can utilise these instructions, however you can also use the Polycom RealPresence Desktop App on your PC, laptop or Polycom Meeting Room System, as provided by SWARH.

Page last updated: 16 December 2020

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