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Thursday, 01 Oct 2020

At this stage a sighting of them is as rare as the Grampians puma but we’d love you to let us know as soon as you lay eyes on one.

We’re talking about the Australian Mint’s newly-created Donation Dollar. A staggering 25 million of them, to be precise.

Last month the Mint started dispatching the first few million of these gorgeous gold coins to banks across Australia (and will continue to do so into 2021). Of course, it’s impossible to predict when we might see them circulating around here because it depends on bank demand. If an area/bank doesn’t have requirement for a certain denomination, it may not order more coins for some time.

But remembering that 25 million of them exist (one made for every Australian), that should mean that pretty soon everyone will be finding them in their change. And then, hopefully, donating them to charity. Because that’s the point. They’ve been made by the Mint to encourage people to donate them.

COVID restrictions around physical distancing have decimated planned fundraising events. Charitable organisations, us included, have been seriously impacted. We’d be thrilled if you’d consider donating your Donation Dollars to our medical equipment appeal. We’d even be thrilled if you donate them to another charity close to your heart. They’re a small coin made to make a BIG difference.

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