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Twin Pregnancy

Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!

You may be feeling excited or a bit overwhelmed, that’s okay we are here to support you in your journey. When you meet with a midwife and obstetrician in the antenatal clinic they will walk you through the extra care that we will give you throughout your pregnancy; you may have more frequent appointments, and additional ultrasounds. Towards the end of your pregnancy an obstetrician will discuss your preferences for birth and work with you on how you would like to deliver your babies and all your options.


Once you have delivered your twins you will receive lots of help from our staff on the ward. Midwives will assist you in establishing feeding and caring for your babies, as well as answering all your questions! You will also have the friendly paediatric team come and meet your babies, they will liaise with you during your hospital stay. There are times that twins may need a longer hospital stay, this will be facilitated by our Special Care Nursery.


We also provide a free infant feeding service that you can access during your pregnancy or after birth that will support you with education and support in whichever way you decide to feed your baby.
When you are ready to take your babies home, a midwife will come and complete home visits to support you during this time.


If you are feeling that you are needing extra support there are many ways we can provide this, please let one of your care providers know so that we can assist you.


In Warrnambool there is a Facebook group dedicated to supporting twin families, where other twin mothers connect, talk and ask questions.

Page last updated: 18 July 2022

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