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Having difficulty falling pregnant?

When should we seek advice?

We recommend seeing a fertility specialist if you’re under 35 and have been trying to conceive for over 12 months, or after six months if you’re over 35 years of age.

Other symptoms that may indicate a fertility issue are significant pain or discomfort throughout your cycle, heavy periods or an irregular cycle. If these symptoms are present, then it may be worthwhile seeing a fertility specialist sooner as there may be an underlying medical issue which could cause an avoidable delay in conceiving.

Some medical conditions can affect your chance of getting pregnant including:

If either partner has a medical condition, talk to your doctor to make sure it’s under control before trying for a baby.

Your GP may refer you to Women’s Health Service (South West Healthcare) for additional support and guidance.


Alternative option if you’re GP may feel you need to be referred to Public Fertility Care clinic. Further information for GPs and health practitioners about referrals can be found on the Royal Women’s Hospital website.

Page last updated: 15 February 2024

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