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First Visit Pack

Please find in this information pack some valuable reading material which will be informative and useful throughout the coming months of your pregnancy.

Your midwife will go over this pack with you at your First Visit appointment. Please do not hesitate to ask any of the Doctors or Midwives any questions you may have.

It’s a good idea to write down questions and bring the list with you on your next antenatal visit.


Pregnancy Journey Map

Continuity Midwife Program

Deakin Midwifery Students

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Program

Perinatal Emotional Health Program

Maternity Assessment Unit

Early Bird Class Notes – Physiotherapy

Antenatal Care During Pregnancy  – RANZCOG

Common Questions in Pregnancy – RANZCOG

Your Healthy Pregnancy – Australian Government, Department of Health

Exercise during pregnancy

Physical activity advice during pregnancy – Australian Government, Department of Health

Exercise in pregnancy – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Pregnancy Exercise – Sports Medicine Australia

Pelvic floor exercises

Expecting a baby – National Continence Program

Pelvic floor muscle exercises for women  – National Continence Program

Nutrition in pregnancy

Eating well during pregnancy for your baby’s health and development – Australian Government, Department of Health

Healthy eating when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding – Australian Government, Department of Health

Food safety during pregnancy – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Healthy eating when you’re pregnant – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Healthy eating when you’re pregnant: Information for vegetarians and vegans – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Healthy eating when you’re pregnant with twins – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Iron in pregnancy – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Vitamin D and pregnancy– The Royal Women’s Hospital

Pregnancy Weight Matters

Dental Health

Dental Health Whilst Pregnant – Dental Health Services Victoria

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Cytomegalovirus – Australian Government, Department of Health
Cytomegalovirus Transmission – CMV Australia

Safer Baby

Safer Baby – Understanding the five key areas where it is known that stillbirth can be prevented.

How to QUIT smoking whilst your pregnant.

If you smoke, the best thing you can do is to stop.

Stopping at any time in pregnancy will help, though the sooner the better. SWH offers lots of support to help women stop smoking in pregnancy – your midwife, GP or pharmacist can advise you. Passive smoking (breathing in smoke from other people’s cigarettes) is also harmful in pregnancy, so avoid being around people who are smoking if you can. If your partner or someone else in your household smokes, they can contact Quitline services for support in quitting.

South West Healthcare Smoking Cessation Clinic

Visit the clinic at Warrnambool Community Health, Koroit Street
Phone: 5563 4000 Fax: 5563 1699
Opening times:
Monday 12:30 – 5.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am – 1.45pm
Thursday: 8.30am – 1.00pm

There is no cost to attend the Smoking Cessation Clinic.

Quit for you – Quit for two (Phone App)

  • This app provides support and encouragement for pregnant women, or women planning pregnancy, to give up smoking.
  • It includes fun exercises and games designed to keep the user’s mind off cravings and to keep their hands busy.
  • The app also includes practical quit tips and advice, as well as facts about the baby’s development to inspire the user to keep going. Ideas are also provided for what the user could buy with the money they’re saving by not buying cigarettes
  • The app can be personalised with the user’s details to receive daily reminders and words of encouragement

The app is FREE and can be downloaded from either iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Relieving common discomforts during pregnancy

Common discomforts in pregnancy – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Preventing constipation – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain – The Royal Women’s Hospital

Multilingual resources

Having a baby – NSW Government
Pregnancy brochure from Health Translations

Generation Victoria – GenV

South West Healthcare is proud to support GenV, a new research project led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute that aims to help improve long-term health and wellbeing for children and parents.
When you have your baby at South West Healthcare, you will be approached by a staff member from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to be part of a research project called Gen V.

What is GenV?
GenV is a sophisticated research project with a simple goal: a better approach to child and adult health and wellbeing in Victoria.

GenV is asking parents of newborns across the whole of Victoria to be a part of GenV by safely and securely sharing information about themselves and the health and development of their newborn.
For the first time ever, this will give us a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of a whole generation, allowing us to unlock discoveries that improve the lives of all families.
GenV is one of the world’s largest-ever birth and parent cohort studies. It will follow babies and their parents to help solve problems like asthma, food allergies, obesity and mental illness. By 2035, GenV’s vision is to have helped create a happier and healthier future for many children and parents.





Page last updated: 21 July 2022

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