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Professional Development

We have a learning culture that creates an environment for our people to achieve their potential.

Education, training and development aims to improve the ability of people to have deeper understanding, enhanced skill and greater expertise to perform to their peak ability in a rapidly changing climate. We aim to lead the continuing growth of a capable, responsive and sustainable workforce, and provide professional development and career opportunities for our employees to support a high performing workforce.

At South West Healthcare learning is a shared responsibility and a culture of learning is an important part of the organisation’s value system. We support our workforce to have the right qualifications, skills and supervision to provide safe, high-quality health care and to share expertise to help develop their colleagues. Better outcomes for consumers and improved clinical practice and service delivery are achieved through inter-professional learning and collaborative practice.

We welcome new employees through comprehensive orientation and all employees at SWH are given an annual opportunity to meet and discuss with their Manager to reflect on achievements to date and also to identify future objectives, support and career aspirations.

The completion of mandatory and recommended training is required to ensure that all staff have the required knowledge and skills to practice safely and to be safe at work. Both mandatory and recommended trainings are completed online via our Learning Management System GROW.

Page last updated: 12 April 2024

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.