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Clinical Placements are an important part of healthcare education, giving students an opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes they are taught by their education providers in a clinical setting.

Clinical Student Placements are arranged by University and TAFE education providers via Placeright. South West Healthcare has placement agreements with numerous universities and most student enquiries should be directed to us through the education provider.

  • Students and consumers

    As a teaching hospital we recognise that the people who use our services are at the heart of the student learning and we encourage consumers to support students as observers and participants in their care.

    The opportunity for students to experience real care and learn from the diverse mix of consumers who interact with our services provides a critical opportunity for students to translate theory into practice.

    Consumers may sometimes feel inconvenienced by the presence of students, however their interests – and those of the community at large – are ultimately served by learners being educated about high quality care in a high quality clinical learning environment.

    Consumers are encouraged to provide feedback about their experiences and we welcome suggestions for improving our teaching activities. Consumers must be asked if they are willing to let a student examine participate in or observe their care.

    Consumers are under no obligation to participate in either teaching or research and whether they agree or refuse, it must have no effect on the treatment and care they receive.

  • Student experience

    We welcome the energy and diversity students bring and they are encouraged to be actively engaged in their learning to ensure they make the most of the opportunity.

    We want your experience to be challenging, but safe. You should gain the confidence with us to apply their contemporary learning, challenge practice and reflect on their performance. Students have a responsibility to:

    • understand their role as a learner (including their responsibility for being proactive and for self-directed learning) and be prepared to participate in the two-way flow of information;
    • prepare themselves adequately at the commencement of each new rotation and throughout the placement;
    • demonstrate professional behaviour towards clinical and non-clinical colleagues, patients/clients and other students;
    • be motivated to learn and prepared to adapt their learning styles and respond to a dynamic learning environment.
  • Support for students

    We have an enthusiastic team of educators who support internal training delivery, teach clinical skills, supervise students in formal programs and support the development of staff and students.

    We seek to ensure that students are well oriented to their environment and their placement team, are appropriately assessed, and receive individual training.

    There are established systems for communication and feedback with students and our aim is to provide high-quality and consistent supervision by experienced clinical educators and supervisors.

    South West Healthcare is a teaching site for the Deakin Medical School. Students complete their training at Warrnambool during their third and fourth year.

  • Student accommodation

    Warrnambool accommodation options map view:

    For a list of of privately run accommodation options please contact the clinical placement team.

    Deakin students also have access to student placement accommodation in town. For more information please visit Deakin student support and accommodation. There may also be provision through Deakin for non-Deakin undergraduate and postgraduate health students undertaking placement in this region.

  • Work experience

    South West Healthcare provides students with the opportunity to gain insight into South West Healthcare as an organisation and gain experience in the healthcare industry.

    The opportunities are diverse, including clinical, business, trades and hospitality placements. Local schools Work Experience Co-ordinators are the first point of contact to arrange a placement.

Page last updated: 12 April 2024

We value feedback from patients, consumers, family members and carers.