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We offer graduates in allied health and nursing disciplines a highly supportive environment designed to develop your skills and open doors to career opportunities.   We enable you to put your professional learning into practice in an environment that values personal and professional growth through education, preceptorship and team support.

Allied health graduate program

We offer a structured inter-professional Allied Health Graduate Program, comprising sessions run over a year, which complements the discipline-specific orientation, onboarding and supervision available to new graduate staff. This program aims to support the transition from student to health professional for allied health staff in their first year of employment.

Each allied health discipline also offers a range of in-services and specific continuing professional development opportunities including access to South West Healthcare-wide programs available. Call the allied health education team on (03) 5563 4152 to find out more.

Nursing graduate program

At South West Healthcare we believe in providing a highly supportive environment that encourages professional development and excellence in care.  Our graduate year is a 53 week program and grads are employed as full time or part time (0.8 FTE).

Your development is supported through rotational placement, regular study days, preceptorship and clinical supervision.

We have 2 dedicated Clinical Supports Nurses who are available to provide graduates with clinical support during the transition from student to Registered Nurse, whilst encouraging self-directed learning.  The program provides graduate nurses with the opportunity to consolidate and apply theoretical knowledge, while developing skills in a variety of settings.

For further information please contact our Clinical Support Nurses (03) 5564 4050.


Applications open in June and close in July (please check dates with PMCV) and are to be submitted through our website via careers as well as through PMCV.  You must apply through both to be considered.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many positions are on offer?

    15 positions for the general program, includes 3 graduates who will rotate through Camperdown Campus

    2 positions for the general/midwifery

    2 position for the general/mental health

    2 positions for the general/Merindah Lodge (Aged Care)

  • Do you offer part time positions in addition to full time?

    Yes we offer part time positions (.8EFT min).

  • Is there an orientation program?

    Yes, the first week is all about orientation. You have 2 full days of orientation and 3 supernumerary shifts.

  • How do Clinical Rotations work?

    We offer 3-4 rotations, dependant upon graduate program. Please see example rotation calendar under related information on the right.

  • What support is offered in Camperdown?

    Camperdown have their own Clinical Support Nurse to support you during your rotation.

  • What kind of professional study days are available?

    At South West Healthcare we offer 7 dedicated paid study days that will enhance your knowledge and skills.

    Variety of interesting topics:

    • Orientation week – clinical skills
    • Study day – clinical skills/pracs
    • Responding and recognising clinical deterioration, facilitated by Simon Plapp
    • Wound Care, facilitated by Terry Swanson Wound Nurse Nurse Practitioner and international specialist
    • 12 Lead ECG, facilitated by Simon Plapp
    •  Advanced Patient Assessment, facilitated by Simon Plapp

    Plus a free day to rotate to specialised area of your choice or attend another SD that you are interested in.

  • How do I apply?

    You need to apply through computer match PMCV and also directly to South West Healthcare.

  • What do I need to include in my application?

    Applications must include:

    • Letter of application indicating why you would like to undertake your graduate year with SWH
    • Brief Curriculum Vitae including two professional referees
    • Copy of your academic transcript to date (including grading key)
    • Two of your most recent Acute clinical placement assessments

    Note: Applicants must apply through both PMCV and South West Healthcare.

  • What ongoing opportunities are available upon completion of my graduate program?

    We offer an acute, medical, and surgical transition year program. There is also the ability to undertake a post graduate course in perioperative,  critical care, and mental health.

Mental health graduate program

Our 12 month Mental Health Graduate Program consists of a comprehensive education package for beginning Mental Health Nurses. The program incorporates clinical experience, theoretical study days and online competency based training.

The South West Healthcare collaborative Mental Health and Acute General Nursing Graduate Program is a six month rotation program. Graduates will spend six months in an Acute Mental Health Program and then six months in an Acute General Nursing setting. The program incorporates clinical experience, theoretical study days and online competency based training. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a range of specialised skills for the beginning nurse.

Mental Health Graduate Nurses will consolidate their undergraduate learning and build effective evidence-based Mental Health nursing practice within a bio-psychosocial framework. Graduate Nurses will gain experience in a recovery based mental health framework where all staff work collaboratively to assist you to practice to your full potential. To find out more please contact the Mental Health Clinical Support (03) 5564 6016.

Midwifery graduate program

Our Graduate Program for dual degrees Bachelor of Midwifery/ Bachelor of Nursing commences in February each year, with supported experience in general nursing rotations and Maternity Services.

The Graduate Midwifery Post Graduate diploma position is a 52 week position in all areas of Maternity services. To find out more please contact the Midwifery Clinical Educator (03) 5564 4050.

Page last updated: 1 July 2021

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