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Life Governors

During our 2020-21 Annual General Meeting, Camperdown’s Judy Donnelly was awarded the most prestigious recognition South West Healthcare can bestow on a person who has given an outstanding contribution to our health service over a prolonged period of time.


Judy received life governorship for her 41 years with our Lolly Trolley Auxiliary, including six years as vice president, 16 years as secretary and seven years as treasurer. Throughout this time Judy has provided continual lolly-trolley service to Merindah Lodge, our Camperdown Hospital, and Sunnyside Aged Care.

Also during the AGM, Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Camperdown’s Marion Boyd for 30 years voluntary service with the Lolly Trolley Auxiliary, and to Warrnambool’s Neville Hogan for nine years voluntary assistance in helping maintain our Supply Department’s vehicle fleet.

Life Governors

Mrs Margaret Agnew (2012)
Mrs Jan Aitken
Mrs Mary Alexander (2015)
Mr Lyall Allen
Mr AL Anderson
Mrs GI Anderson
Mrs JF Anderson
Mr Ian Armstrong (2007)
Mrs Joan Askew
FH Baker
Mr R Baker
Mrs VG Balmer
Mr NI Bamford
Mr Rob Baker
Mrs Heather Barker
WT Barr
Mrs Moira Baulch
Mrs Beverley Bell
Mrs JA Bell
Mrs Shirley Bell (1989)
Miss Helen Bishop
Mr NC Boyd
Mr CG Boyle
Mr N Bradley
Mr David Bradshaw
Mr GN Brown
Dr Anthony (Tony) Brown (2005)
Mrs Irene Bruce
Mr CW Burgin
Mrs L Burleigh
Mrs Lorna Burnham
Mrs Jean Byron
Mr Steve Callaghan (2019)
Mr Lester Campbell (2018)
Mr Stan Carroll
Mrs EC Chaffey
ML Charles
Mrs FA J Chislett
Mrs Helen Chislett
Mr David Chittick
Mrs Diane Clanchy
Mr John Clark
Mr Alistair Cole
Mrs SE Cole
LJ Collins
Mrs Joy Conlin
Mrs Frances Coupe
Mrs M Cox
Mrs Marjorie Crothers (2004)
Mr Ian Currell (2019)
Mrs Veronica Cuzens (2012)
Mr Jack Daffy
Mr A Dalton
Mrs Dorothy Davies (2020)
Mrs Peg Davies (2019)
Mr Simon DeGaris
Mrs Gloria Dickson
Miss Judy Donnelly (2021)*
Mr GW Dowling
Mrs L Dowling
Mr Tony Dupleix (2004)
Mrs Veronica Earls
Mrs A Elliot
G Elliot
Mr PV Emery
Mr W Ferguson
Mr J Finch
Mr ER Ford
Mrs CE Fraser
BD French
R Gellie
Mrs FM George
Mr MW George
Mrs Claire Gibbons (2015)
Mrs Ann Glennon (2012)
Mrs Shirley Goldstraw
Mrs Helen Gollop (2009)
Mrs Joan Goodacre
Mrs E Goodwin
Mr Damian Goss (2017)
Mrs Helen Goss (2016)
Mrs P Grace
Mrs Lorraine Graham (2017)
Mrs Gwen Grayson (2014)
Mrs Sheila Habel
Mr RE Harris
Mr AJ Hartley
Mrs Joy Hartley
Mrs A Havard
Mrs Monica Hayes
Mr P Heath
Mrs Mavis Heazlewood
Mr Oscar Henry
Mr AJ Hill
Mrs Barbara Hill (2011)
Mrs DM Hill
Mr GL Hill
Mr J Hill
Miss L Hill
Mrs P Hill
Mr W Hocking
Mrs Lorraine Hoey (2010)
Mrs Ann Holmes
HJ Holmes
Mr John Holmes
Mr WJ Holton
Mrs A Hooton
GN Hornsby
JS Hosking
Mrs E Howell
Mr Mervyn Hoy (2016)
Mr Ray Hoy (2014)
Mrs Sharon Huf
Mrs Mary Hutchings
Mr R Hyde
Mrs Elwyn Jasper (2015)
Mr Murray Jasper (2015)
Mr David Jellie (2007)
Mr Barry Johnson
Mrs Margot Johnson
Mr Rex Johnson
Mrs Edna Keillor (2008)
Mr AE Kelly
Mrs Helen Laidlaw
Mrs Val Lang
Mr GA Larsen
Mrs Vivienne Lay (2019)
Mrs B Layther
Mrs Margot Lee (2009)
Mr S Lee
Sen Austin WR Lewis
Mr PE Lillie
Mrs Hilary Lodge
Mr Chris Logan (2017)
Mr RW Lucas
Mrs Wendy Ludeman
Mrs AG Lumsden
Mrs Elizabeth Luxton
Dr E Lyon
Mr ID Macdonald
Mrs ID Macdonald
Mrs AF MacInnes
S Mack
MC Mack
Mrs Isobel Macpherson (2007)
Mr John Maher (2018)
Mrs L Maher
Mr NS Marshall
Mrs Norma Marwood
Mrs Jess Mathison
Mrs D McConnell
Mrs Bev McCosh
Mrs L McCosh
Mrs Norma McCosh
Mrs Janice McCrabb
Mr John McGrath
Mr Peter McGregor
Mrs Glenda McIlveen (2009)
Mr Ernie McKenna
Mrs Mary McKenna
Mrs Judy McKenzie
Mrs Olive McKenzie (2015)
Mr Trevor McKenzie
Mrs Heather McCosker (2017)
Mrs H McLaren
Mrs Shirley McLean
Mr C McLeod
Mr Don McRae
Mrs Wendy McWhinney
Ms Felicity Melican (2013)
Dr John Menzies OAM
JE Meyer
Mr Andrew Miller
Mr J Miller
Mrs J Mills
Mr Ivan Mirtschin
Miss Mabel Mitchell
Mrs Coral Moore
Mr F Moore
Mrs Nancy Moore
Mr Robert Moore
Mr James Moran
Mr J Morris Jnr
Mr W Morris
Mrs Sharon Muldoon (2017)
Mrs I Mulligan
AE Murdock
Mrs G Mutten
Nestle (Fonterra) Sports & Social Club
Mrs Sheryl Nicolson
Mr AW Noel
Mrs HW Norman
Mrs Alison Northeast
Mr JB Norton
Mrs Helen Nunn
Mrs Barbara O’Brien
Mrs Judy O’Keefe
Miss K O’Leary
Mr L O’Rourke
Mr W Owens
Mrs Dianne Papworth (2016)
Mr Ken Parker
Mrs TJ Parker
Mrs GR Parsons
Mr DR Patterson
Mrs ME Paterson
Mrs Phyllis Peart
Dr Ian Pettigrew
Mr Bill Phillpot OAM
Ms Barbara Piesse
Mrs G Pike
Mrs Gloria Rafferty
Mrs Margaret Richardson
Mr DM Ritchie
Mr Ric Robertson
Mrs Judy Ross
Mr NJ Rowley
Mr Peter Roysland
Mr JC Rule
Mr Leo Ryan
Mrs Sue Sambell
Mr John Samon
Mr RG Sampson
Mrs Eileen Savery
Mr A E Scott
Mr L Sedgley
Mr TT Shaw
Mrs A B Smart
Mr M Smill
Mrs Ann Smith
Michelle Smith
Mrs Lynette Stammberger (2017)
Mrs Margaret Stephens (2020)
Ms G Stevens
Mr GC Sullivan
Mrs B Surkitt
Mrs Mona Swinton (2014)
Mr DN Symons
Ms Carolyn Taylor (2014)
Mrs D Taylor
Mr F Taylor
Mr HC Taylor
Miss Kate Taylor
Mrs Robbie Taylor
Miss Yvonne Teale
Mrs A Thorpe
Mrs AJ Trotter
Mr SW Waldron
Mr JB Walker
Mrs H Wallace
Mrs Judith Wallace
Mrs RJ Wallace
Mrs D Wedge
RV Wellman
Mr AC Whiffen
Mr G Whiteside
Mr J Wilkinson
Mrs June Williams
Mrs Marion Williams (2010)
Mrs Zelda Williams
Mr John Wilson
Mrs NT Wines
Mr WJ Wines
Mr Russell Worland (2019)

*Awarded Life Governorship in 2020-21

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