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Sunday, 16 Aug 2020

Today is Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day. It commemorates Japan’s acceptance of the Allied demand for unconditional surrender, made on August 14 1945. For Australians, it meant the Second World War was over.

We want to recognise and thank living WWII veterans and acknowledge the service of all WWII veterans. You are our heroes.

From 11.20 this morning, you can watch the Returned and Services League’s free 40-minute commemorative broadcast to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific Day. Go to

Meantime we’ve been in our archives and found this 75-year-old newspaper clipping…


Following the news of the Japanese surrender on Wednesday, the staffs at the Warrnambool Base Hospital and many willing helpers laboured to ensure that the patients, young and old, should participate to the full in the celebrations. The success of their efforts was such that the whole hospital was soon a scene of gay festivity. The wards were decorated with bright colored streamers and each bed was bedecked with a flag and ribbons. Soft drinks and fruit salad were on the menu, and it can be safely said that most patients had a satisfactory V-P Day.

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