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$280,000 of paediatric MRI equipment on its way

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Friday, 05 Jun 2020

We’ve got the best news to start the long weekend on. Our Paediatric MRI Appeal is over.

The focus of our Christmas Appeal, it was put on hold while we supported our communities’ fundraising efforts for summer’s bushfire survivors. Then Coronavirus came along and forced us to cancel every fundraising event planned from March. Then the $261,000 target went to $280,000 thanks to the drop in the Aussie dollar and increases in manufacturing prices. Last week we were still $41,476 short. Today, we have the whole lot thanks to some incredibly generous donors who heard our SOS.

The final business to donate was Warrnambool Plumbing Plus ($1,200). The final service club to donate was Inner Wheel Warrnambool ($2,400). The final trust to donate was the Gall Family Foundation ($5,000… and btw it had already donated $20,000 at Christmas-time).The final auxiliary to donate was our SWH Woolsthorpe Auxiliary ($9,000). And when we had no idea where the remaining $17,980 could come from, the directors of the Peter’s Project Foundation put their hands up. Do we not live in the most remarkable part of the world?

So what does this mean for our region? No longer will sick children have to travel hundreds of kilometres to have their MRI scans under conscious sedation. We will have all the equipment needed, right here.

Thank you to every single person who has contributed to this amazing outcome. (You’ll all have your receipts in the next few days.

PHOTO: Every cent counts. The Warrnambool Plumbing Plus workplace of showroom consultants Kirsty Tope (left) and Sarah Sinioukov, and manager James Cole, helped close the $280,000 appeal.

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